Jav Amateur Mimi Ambushed Whilst Delivering Food


I’m 21 and I work for a local pizza chain, Pizza Hotline, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After two and a half years of working part time at this job, I finally have something to tell people when they ask me, “Do you have any interesting stories?!?!” This happened to me last week, May 2014.

It was approximately 3 AM, right before close, and I’m on a delivery in a new area. The streetlights haven’t been installed, and so I can’t see the house numbers because it’s so dark. I call the customer, and she told me to meet her at a location just on the other side of a street. As I wait, I light up a cigarette and turn up Whitesnake on the dial. I’m delivering in my Mustang convertible which I don’t usually do but this Saturday night was particularly nice and warm and I was feeling pretty good since my shift was nearly done.

A few minutes later a little BMW begins to pull up, and I breathe a sigh of relief. See, in my area, most of the luxury cars are driven by rich international students, mainly Chinese, and they usually tip well. So a tiny cute Asian girl comes out and I begin to read her the total on the bill. Instead of listening, she takes a look at my car and me for a moment, and asks if I want to come back to her place for a drink. I tell her I have to do one more delivery and I can come back.

I go on my next delivery, return to the store to do my closing duties, and I quickly zip on out of there and make my way back to her place. Throughout this time, she kept on texting, telling me that she thought I was cute. I knew what was about to go down.

Anyways, I show up to the house, and turns out there are three other Chinese students there. I was hoping it would just be her, but they were giving me beer and cigarettes so I didn’t complain. We hung out until 5 AM when the host starts asking us to leave. He also tells me that I am invited to a big party the next night, and that the girl will text me when I should come over. As we all start getting into our cars, I get a text from the girl asking if I want to go back to her place and drink some more. Well, I did go to her place, and a lot more than just drinking went on for the next few hours.

Oh, and she tipped me $3 on a $15 order. Not bad.

Date: June 21, 2018

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